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TMNT Usagi YoJimbo Wherewhen #1 - Virgin Variant Set- Ivan Talavera

TMNT Usagi YoJimbo Wherewhen #1 - Virgin Variant Set- Ivan Talavera

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This listing is good for 1 raw virgin variant set of TMNT Usagi YoJimbo Wherewhen #1 by Ivan Talavera, a Great Wall of Comics exclusive. Comes with COAs.

Print Run: Color/800, Hybrid/500
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Stan Sakai
Interior Artist: Stan Sakai
Cover Artist: Ivan Talavera
Release Date: 4/12/2023

About the Title:
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pursue the evil cyborg genius Dr. WhereWhen through a time portal...and emerge in feudal Japan! There, they encounter Usagi Yojimbo, 20 years into the samurai's future but decades after the arrival of Dr. WhereWhen... who has already carved himself a fiefdom using mechanized clockwork samurai robots... with the intention of conquering both the past and current timelines!

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