About us

Hello! Welcome to Carnivore Comics! Thank you for visiting our website and looking at our comic books, and hopefully purchasing some for your collection. Founded in 2021 in a quickly evolving comic book world, our goal is to provide world class customer service and hard to find exclusive comic books for your collection.

Carnivore Comics is a team of dedicated comic book professionals led by Sean McLoughlin. Over the years Sean has helped create and run companies such as NYComics and Scorpion Comics. Although Carnivore Comics is a new company there is a rich history and lots of experience. In the past Sean has led NYComics operating as a CGC Signature Series Facilitator for Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, John Romita Sr, and many other creators. Collectors from all around the world would trust us with their comics and we would deliver results. We also have built strong relationships with all publishers in the comic book industry and look forward to producing some exciting new books.

Welcome and thank you for joining us! Anytime you have a question or feedback please contact us at CarnivoreComicsHelp@gmail.com.