Signature Series Submissions

Carnivore Comics

How To Submit Your Comics To Be Signed and Graded

  1. Identify what comics you want signed at the signing that we are offering.
  2. Prep your comics to be signed. Prepping includes labeling the back board with your name, requested signature, address, grading tier, also making sure your comic book is in a "Window Bag".
  3. Watch this video on how to make a "Window Bag" How To Make Comic Book Signature Windows!
  4. Fill out THIS FORM and include it with your submission.
  5. Ship your comics to our office.


Carnivore Comics
12 Sanzoverino Lane
Bayville, NY 11709




  • What if I want to use my own CGC Account? - Please fill out all paperwork on CGC website, print and submit with your books.
  • How do I send a payment? - send a PayPal goods and services payment to after we invoice you.
  • What is your cost of service?- Our Cost of Service is built into the CGC Event Price.
  • What will this all cost?-For each signing event we make an overall price including Fast Track grading that adds our service fee, and adds the artist Signature Fee.
  • What if we do not want to prep our books to be signed?- We are happy to do it for you for a fee of $10 per book.
  • What if my book is already in a CGC Case and needs to be cracked?- We are happy to prep it for you for $10 per book. DO NOT Crack prior Yellow Label Slabs yourself.
  • What if I have any other questions?- EMAIL us at or CALL us at 516.375.9606

Terms and Conditions

  • Carnivore Comics is not responsible for the grades assigned by CGC to your comics. If you are unhappy or have issue please contact CGC directly.
  • When shipping your comics to Carnivore Comics please pack securely and send with tracking and signature confirmation.
  • Upon receipt Carnivore Comics will send you an invoice, it must be paid prior to the signing event.
  • We are not responsible for CGC turnaround times.
  • We are not responsible if you feel we damaged your book or if you feel an artist damaged your book during a signing event. Please understand there is a risk that you take by having a creator sign your book.
  • Please be mindful of our event submission deadlines. Comics need arrive to us by that date in order for us to prep books appropriately prior to that event.

ADD- $8 Invoice fee

ADD- RETURN SHIPPING COST FROM CGC -$18 For First Book and $2 Each Additional Book