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10 x NYCC 2023 Exclusives Carnivore Packs

10 x NYCC 2023 Exclusives Carnivore Packs

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This listing is good for 1 pack of 10 NYCC 2023 Exclusives.

We have a limited amount remaining so we wanted to do something special for you Carnivore fans out there this christmas.

What you get
1. Something is Killing the Children (Derrick Chew Variant) Foil Edition - Print Run: 500
2. BRZRKR #1 (Björn Barends Variant) - Print Run: 500
3. Street Fighter #1 (Ariel Diaz Variant) - Print Run: 500
4. Transformers #1 (Raf Grassetti Variant) Foil Edition - Print Run: 1000 
5. Swamp Thing #1 (Lee Bermejo Variant) Foil Edition - Print Run: 1000
6. Swamp Thing #1 (Logo Variant Variant) - Print Run: 500
7. Swamp Thing #1 (Bernie Wrightson Variant) - Print Run: 500
8. Swamp Thing #1 (Björn Barends Variant Variant) - Print Run: 1100
9. Batman #181 (Ariel Diaz Variant) - Print Run: 1000
10. Batman #181 (Logo Variant) Foil Edition - Print Run: 1000

Save $65 off retail price!

Very limited amount available.

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